A Façade for an Artist Studio
Greylight Projects, NL


A permanent installation to the guest artist’s studio in Greylight Projects, Heerlen. 

Formerly part of a the entrance hall to a school, the studio required more enclosure and privacy, whilst still allowing daylight into the adjacent hallway.

A beam with a metal post spans the large opening, from which everything else either hangs or rests upon. The structure integrates two existing curved walls leftover from the building's Vrijeschool (Steiner school) history.

The setback of the doors allows a mezzanine to be introduced within the studio itself. Finally, a small vitrine allows the ever-changing resident artists to display a small object to the hallway. 

Spruce, scaffold pole, polycarbonate, wood stain,
3600 x 3535 x 1020mm

With thanks to Wouter Huis, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Roy Voragen, Laurent Malherbe.

Photography: © Werner Mantz Lab / Ben Weir

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