Flux and Comfort
Valga, EE


Some things to keep us warm. Companions to our wood-burning stoves, but unfixed, let loose. Objects free to move, to take alongside, to keep you company. To bring with you, in flux and in comfort.

Objects that have been sourced, altered, assembled. Made from things found and things easily obtained. They find expression in the ‘off-the-shelf’ as much as the ‘as-found.’ Old scrapyard junk meets combinations of quotidian hardware. There has been an obsession with steel tubes. Not necessarily as vessels or conduits, but as objects in their own right.

These objects take us on a kind of daily camping, where objects become significant for survival. They help us stave off the cold. Just for a little while, until we make it through once more.

Salvaged steel gas canisters, steel box-section, threaded rod, hardware, wheels, plywood, firewood, thermal heating foil, electrical goods;

480 x 580 x 710mm  (armchair) and;
480 x 500 x 540mm (footstool)

Produced at VARES arhitektuuriresidentuur, within the framework of Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture.

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